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As an undiagnosed Aspie, I noticed my communications were different from ‘normal’ people when I was 11. I then tried to change my behaviors to show up as ‘normal’, but soon realized real change could only originate in my brain… Read More


Facilitating Systemic Brain Change

Conscious Brain Change

Have you ever tried to change a behavior or habit and failed? It’s because you must first reprogram your brain.

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Listening Without Bias

Using conventional listening, we listen through biased ears, hearing some fraction of what’s said. It’s our brain’s fault. I’ve developed a way to supersede our brain.

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Motivating Action for Sustainability

Do you know how to message your outreach to motivate action?

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New Habits for Health

Behavior Mod fails 97% of the time. I’ve designed a model to change habits  without trying to change a behavior by trying to change a behavior.

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Questions to Enable Discovery

Questions elicit data and seek answers as per the goals and curiosity of an Asker. To help folks find their own answers without biases, I’ve developed a new form of question.

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13 Stages of Change

Change involves very specific stages, all necessary to achieve congruency and acceptance by the underlying system.

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Helping Buyers Buy

Do you know why folks don’t buy? It’s because they’re  not ready. We can enter earlier and find and guide those who WILL become buyers to Buyer Readiness.  

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Training/ Learning Facilitation

For new learning to occur and become permanent, new circuits must be created in a learner’s brain where there’s a mismatch between the existing and the new data.

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Servant Leadership

Imagine if our businesses were meant to serve people and the environment. Do we have the skills in place to do more than generate profit?

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Do you enter conversations to listen for what will confirm your assumptions? Do you assume the responses to your questions provide an accurate representation of the full fact pattern - 'good' data - on which to base your follow-on questions? Do you assume your history of similar topics topics gives you a more elevated understanding of what your Communication Partners (CPs) mean rather than what they're actually saying?


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