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Hi Everyone:

It seems we’re at an inflection point right now, with so many folks at home, others ill. Every day seems to bring another reason for fear or anxiety.

For those sellers privileged to still be working, I’d like to help where I can. For those of you who have some familiarity with, or interest in Buying Facilitation®, and experiencing delays in complex stalled sales, I’d like to offer some guidance but need help in figuring out how I can best serve you.

Since the telephone and zoom are currently replacing in-person visits, Buying Facilitation® is a good solution to facilitate decision making and buy-in, especially when unseen factors and people are initiating the status quo.

I’ve thought of a few ideas of how I can help you accelerate your stalled situation, or at least put you on the Buying Decision Team and be of service in the meantime. Here they are. And please prioritize them in the order you’d find most useful and send back to me. Or add new ideas. Let’s see how I can help.

IDEA #1. 30 minute chats twice a week on Zoom: open, free, Q&A sessions where you can ask anything about facilitating stalled, complex sales: managing specific situations, using the phone as a sales tool, facilitating buy-in and decision making, enlisting the full set of stakeholders. Or whatever you need.

IDEA #2. 30 minutes of free coaching for teams or those seeking to accelerate complex sales now stalled for an indeterminate amount of time.

IDEA #3. A video, or video series, to introduce different skill sets to help accelerate stalled complex sales, prospect for new clients, or create rapport to enhance a relationship.

Of course, so many variables are effecting decision making these days, so even using Buying Facilitation® can’t guarantee that stalled complex sales will close. But you’ll be seen as a Servant Leader, truly help your prospects enlist buy-in from the full decision team and get them on the same page, and you might close sooner than if you were still merely trying to place your solution. Ultimately, I can help you:

  • Start conversations that help your prospects get buy-in and manage the decisions they now face;
  • Really serve them during their frustration when others are still trying to push solutions or make zoom appointments and presentations;
  • Create trust, rapport, and long term relationships;
  • Stay on their radar as they recognize your value and seek your help over time.

So instead of just using the sales model, or trying to actually make appointments or close now when they may have directives to not buy anything, you’d be helping them manage their decision making and buy-in for when they’re ready to move forward.

I look forward to helping you (or any colleagues whose sales are also stalled that you could share this with) figure out the best ways to enrich your clients and help you close sales in these difficult times.


(P.S. Really looking forward to your feedback)


Sharon-Drew Morgen is a breakthrough innovator and original thinker, having developed new paradigms in sales (inventor Buying Facilitation®, author NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell), listening/communication (What? Did you really say what I think I heard?), change management (The How of Change™), coaching, and leadership. Sharon-Drew coaches and consults with companies seeking out of the box remedies for congruent, servant-leader-based change in leadership, healthcare, and sales. Her award-winning blog carries original articles with new thinking, weekly. She can be reached at

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