Understanding the Licensing Process

Who should attend?

In-house corporate trainers, training companies seeking additional content offerings

What programs are available?

Facilitating Buying Decisions (2-day) and the Buying Facilitation® method (3 day)

What is the difference between the two programs?

Facilitating Buying Decisions is a 2-day mainstream program that gives learners the opportunity to experience how buyers making buying decisions, as well as learn six powerful Facilitative Questions that will help them influence buyers. It is a highly experiential program and fun, fun, fun. Some people go on to request Buying Facilitation® training after taking this program.

Buying Facilitation® is a skills-based program that uses the model itself as a teaching tool, ensuring that the new learning is first acquired at the belief change level before it gets to the behavior. It’s an unusual program – a true learning environment – and very different from a mainstream program, including serious study of brain sequencing and how decisions get made. Learners discover how they make their own choices of how they change and learn/do something new as Buying Facilitation® is used ON them. As they unwrap their own listening skills, decision choices, and communication and collaboration skills, they are learning how to facilitate others. This is a program for serious students of decision facilitation, and the skills can be used in every communication – personal or business – in any influencing situation – coaching, parenting, management, negotiating.

Why is the program a 7 day program?

For people who eventually want to train Buying Facilitation®, it’s necessary to take the initial 3-day Buying Facilitation® training along with the 2-day and the Train the trainer. Learning Buying Facilitation® will help trainers manage the room when teaching Facilitating Buying Decisions, answer confusions that learners might have with the new thinking, and understand what the learners are going through as they learn and change. Note: for folks preparing to train Buying Facilitation® this is the first training of two required Buying Facilitation® training sessions. The second can be as a partner with Sharon-Drew on an on-site client program.

Why can’t I just learn the Buying Facilitation® material if that is all I want to train?

If you are a corporation and are seeking to train trainers in Buying Facilitation®, it is possible to take a T3 program in Buying Facilitation® only. However, since it is necessary to take the Buying Facilitation® 3-day program twice before being ready to take a T3 training, we will have to run two programs in-house that include the licensing trainers.

Learning Buying Facilitation® is like learning the piano: a complex task that takes much practice, and is not a natural skill. By taking the program more than once, and training Facilitating Buying Decisions, people learn, practice, and build up the skills of Buying Facilitation®: formulating facilitative questions and presumptive summaries; listening for systems; decision sequencing.

If you are a training company wishing to train both the Facilitating Buying Decisions Program and the Buying Facilitation® program, it will be necessary to take the full 7 day program. By understanding all of the skills of Buying Facilitation®, trainers will have a thorough understanding of the material that underlies the FSB program.

Why can’t I just learn the Facilitating Buying Decisions material?

It’s possible to learn just the 2-day program plus Train the Trainer. This is an option for corporations licensing training large numbers of people. However, as the developer of the material, I would much prefer that people have a complete understanding of Buying Facilitation® as the foundation of the FBD program. If corporate trainers are planning on re-training other trainers in the FBD material, it’s necessary to take the full 7 day training to maintain quality control.

What sort of quality control is there?

The second time the FSB program is trained, Sharon-Drew must sit in the course and evaluate the trainer. At this time, the official Master License is given, giving the licensee the opportunity to train and license others. Sharon-Drew (or someone from Morgen Facilitations) must sit in with the trainer (or watch a video) annually, to assure quality control.

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