HOBBES® – the search tool

HOBBES® is a decision-navigation, Question-Response front-end search tool that employs Buying Facilitation® to give site visitors the means to recognize the full extent of what they want to get from your site, get led directly to the pages that hold the answers they need, and the decision capability to take the necessary action.


Websites offer content information to lead buyers to a purchase, to explain your offering better, to introduce your team, or to differentiate your brand.  They might read something, purchase something, sign up for something, or link to something.

At this point, other than provide professionally presented, targeted, and branded data, your site has no capacity to make sure visitors find what they want. Indeed, there is a possibility that a visitor will leave your site unfilled.

While many visitors enter your site knowing exactly what they want, some may not be fully clear. If they come looking for one product and they find it, is there a potential for a follow-on sale? Or did their failure to find what they want eschew the possibility that another solution might work even better? Did they sign up for your free podcast or newsletter? Why not?

What about the visitors that are just ‘gathering information’ in the hopes of making a decision later on, but didn’t find the relevant data?

HOBBES® will first help the site visitor articulate the outcome they seek from your site, and  then will link to the most targeted, relevant page(s) they need, thus reducing the risk of them leaving your site without finding the answer that is indeed there.


This is not

  • a tool that showcases products or offerings;
  • a personalization or CRM tool, although it can be used with other CRM tools;
  • a search engine, but can be used as a front end to search engines;
  • a piece of software, but can sit on top of any search engine on your site.


HOBBES® can be customized for any size site, any product, and for any industry.
To discuss possible customization and use with the inventor, contact us.

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