The How of Change

The HOW of Change™ is a hands-on guided learning program that teaches how to generate new brain circuits for new behaviors.

Developed by original thinker and breakthrough innovator Sharon-Drew Morgen, NYTimes Bestselling author of 9 books, and inventor of Buying Facilitation®, this is one-of-a-kind program enables learners to make permanent changes in their lives. A program for committed learners, it offers a blueprint to use going forward when seeking permanent behavior or habit change.

There is nothing like this program. It brings learners into their own brains to discover how and where to generate new circuitry.There’s even a very unique portion where you learn how you learn.

Take a look at the materials. Email Sharon-Drew with questions. This program is the culmination of her change facilitation work. She’d be happy to speak to you.

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