New Book: HOW?

I’ve worked hard to become the person I want to be, spending decades trying to change those of my behaviors I found lacking But even after weeks/months of discipline, self-motivation, prayer, and visualizations to make the changes I sought, I would revert back to the unwanted behaviors.

Eventually it became clear that I couldn’t change my behaviors by merely trying to change my behaviors. I began focusing on how my brain generated them. It was here, in my neural circuits, that I found the trigger for real change. My job then became how to change my circuits so any behavior changes I wanted to make would become automatic and permanent.


I’ve spent 50 years unpacking the many routes into the brain to develop models that enable change where it originates: 

  • how brains ‘hear’ (Not very well. Read WHAT? Did you really say what I think I heard?);
  • how to pose non-biased questions and help responders discover where in their brain their most congruent answers are stored (Facilitative Questions);
  • how decisions get made (the 13 Steps of Change);
  • how to facilitate people through their Pre-Sales change management decisions (Buying Facilitation®; Dirty Little Secrets);
  • how to learn by first engaging and/or creating the relevant neural circuitry before information is offered (Learning Facilitation);
  • how to reorganize your Hierarchies of Beliefs, Mental Models, and unconscious values-based triggers to design new neural circuitry to generate new, permanent, behaviors (the HOW of Change™).

Now in my late 70s, it’s time to make available my full set of skills, ideas, and models so folks can learn and use the material after I’m no longer around to teach it. And so my new book:

HOW? is an original, confounding, complex, exciting romp to discover the full set of unconscious elements that hold your status quo in place and must be shifted to generate new choices. HOW? actually teaches you how to change your brain.

Beyond mainstream science, the book not only instructs readers on the specifics of how to craft new circuits to obtain wholly new choices, it’s written in a way that adds new neural circuits to the reader’s brain for easy learning.

In other words, reading HOW? makes unconscious choice possible. It leads readers to change their neural circuits for

  • behavior and habit change,
  • listening more accurately, without bias,
  • learn new material easily and permanently,
  • comprehensive, values-based decision making,
  • use questions to facilitate Others to their most accurate, values-based answers.

It makes permanent habit change possible by creating wholly new circuits, or finding hidden existing ones, for new choices.

Filled with exercises and examples, new thinking and novel ideas, HOW? teaches choice. Readers will no longer be at the mercy of the brain’s automatic, mechanical, and unconscious selections.

Using the skills introduced, HOW? teaches Buying Facilitation®, the HOW of Change™, the 13 Steps of Change, and how to listen without bias.

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