About Morgen Facilitations

Morgen Facilitations, Inc. has been in the sales training, consulting, and decision facilitation business since 1989, offering Morgen Buying Facilitation® Method training programs, licensing programs, and applications of the model in questionnaires, PDAs, and recruitment surveys. Our models are all based on a Facilitative Question model that quickly teaches buyers how to make efficient buying decisions that align with their values, and support the decision team in designing a solution that will adapt to change without disrupting their status quo.

Currently operating out of Austin, MFI is directed by Sharon-Drew Morgen and a team of learning facilitators and partners who work with corporations to bring Buying Facilitation® into and throughout their workspaces.

Created as a vehicle to deliver Buying Facilitation® training and decision facilitation tools into the world, MFI is committed to collaboration: with customers and partners as well as learners and trainers.

Our programs are held in-house and run by our trainers – all trained directly by Sharon-Drew – or run by in-house licensed trainers who have been trained by Sharon-Drew. Using the Buying Facilitation® method, which exemplifies integrity in sales with a decision facilitation methodology that leads buyers through their behind-the-scenes, private decision issues (often having nothing to do with the need) that need to be managed prior to making a buying decision. The Method is based on servant-leader values; MFI is focused on supporting a collaborative communication approach to ensure win-win discussions and negotiations in all business communication.

We continue to expand our outreach to include programs, products, and services that will help the skills of Buying Facilitation® be learned by all sales people, everywhere in the world. Our dream is to support integrity in sales through collaborative communication at the very base-line of our workplace: the sale force.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Morgen Facilitations, Inc., is to support you in learning Buying Facilitation® and other decision facilitation tools as a way to help buyers manage their internal buying decision issues and sell from a place of integrity, while being a servant leader to their decisions.

We would like to support you in discovering ways to understand, work with, and use integrity in sales through the new sales paradigm, while understanding how it fits in to the rest of the changes going on in business today. Ultimately, we hope you will use Buying Facilitation® to create effective collaborations that bring success to both buyer and seller.

Currently, our world of business is changing: We are adding spirit, relationship, service, collaboration, values, integrity and trust into our changing, and chaotic workplace. But we have not changed the sales paradigm since the serpent convinced Eve to eat the apple — it has remained information-based and product driven.

It’s time to change. With so many creative people around, many new sales models will emerge; Sharon-Drew’s is just the first. And the work continues to grow, to change, to redefine itself. Our first programs were based on integrity in sales through facilitating decision-making within the product/sales relationship. Our next programs are on bringing Buying Facilitation® and decision-facilitation to a wider audience: I am expanding my current speaking schedule to bring Buying Facilitation® to wider audiences; we’ve begun a Sales Cycle Acceleration program to help with those clients taking a bit longer than others in making their best decision (click here for the Sales Cycle Acceleration program); we’ve also begun creating decision-based product kits that sellers can take with them to help buyers make decisions.

We will continue to create new models and formats to support the sales arena so we can increase responsible communication and integrity in sales while helping you increase your revenue.

Here at Morgen Facilitations, Inc, we think sales is the foundation of business and don’t believe business can change without sales changing.We see our job here as creating the formats and models to support sales in becoming a truly collaborative process.

Our job is to create that same collaboration with you and help you become successful sellers and trusted collaborators. We look forward to serving you in any way we can. Thank you for growing and learning with us.

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