Buying Facilitation® Learn with our Licensees, Trained by Sharon-Drew Morgen

  • Do you know who is going to be a buyer on the first call?
  • Are you aware of all of the internal issues your prospects need to manage before they can consider a purchase? And can you help them navigate through their unique change management issues?
  • What would be different for you if you knew all that went on during a buying decision – who was on the Buying Decision Team, what had to happen to get the internal buy-in, how buyers choose between vendors?

Learn to help facilitate the buying decision

Now you can introduce your folks to the buying-decision end of the buy/sell equation with a program designed by Sharon-Drew Morgen, developer of Buying Facilitation® and the ‘helping buyers buy’ thinking.

Developed for folks seeking 4 or 5 takeaways, and designed to be put into practice with a minimum of coaching, this program is for any industry, with any size sale, and will introduce you into the mind of the buyer by making each participant The Buyer. Fun, interesting, provocative, and revolutionary.

Program syllabus: Facilitating Buying Decisions

This mainstream, easy-to-administer program teaches the learner how to recognize each aspect of a buyer’s buying decision process and offers 6 Facilitative Questions to use with the seller’s pitch and presentation to shorten the sales cycle.

Using the thinking behind the Buying Facilitation® ‘decision facilitation’ thinking, it teaches participants to understand how buyers buy.It puts each participant into the job of the buyer, complete with all aspects of necessary buying – and buy-in – decisions so they can learn how buyers buy from the inside. As a result, buyers can make quicker decisions that incorporate the seller into the solution design.

Here is the syllabus for the Facilitating Buying Decisions program. All details are included except price: Prices are culturally comfortable.

Program data and course syllabus

Our Licensees

Each of our Licensees (called The Honies, by Sharon-Drew) teach the Facilitating Buying Decisions program – an introduction to the full Buying Facilitation® training. Trained by Sharon-Drew, these Honies do a great job using Buying Facilitation® on each call, so they can help you ascertain not only the parameters of your needs, but how to manage the buy-in necessary to bring in new thinking to your sales team.

These folks are the best; and they are on 6 continents – from Europe to Adu Dhabi, from Mexico to Romania, so you should be able to find training close to home.

Sophia Kamber
Najda Street,
Villa 15/1, Opp. Al Dana School
P.O BOX 28270
Abu Dhabi
Jim Powell
335 City Road
Tel: 020 7436 7890
Peter Krammer
ELA Consulting Group
351 Circle Oaks Drive
Napa, CA 94558-6606
(707) 252-8880
Ted Elvhage
Stockholm, Sweden
Sylvia Perales
Evoltiv Consultants Network
Bacau, Strada Florilor, 10/A/2

Please contact these folks with questions

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