Use the Phone for Compassionate Healthcare

Use the Phone for Compassionate Healthcare

How to create trust and collect data efficiently and empathetically

Your time is limited and you’ve been working too many hours a day to try to keep up. There are dozens of calls on hold. So many people ill, or just plain scared. Folks with previously existing conditions that can’t get in to see you. Folks with Covid19 that don’t know what to do. People feeling isolated, anxious, frightened. To make it worse, feelings of this level of anxiety actually cause heart stressors.

And now you’re slammed, with dozens, maybe hundreds of incoming calls a day. That’s right: the telephone is your main communication vehicle.

The phone? You don’t usually use the phone to diagnose or treat patients. You’ve relied on in-person, or face-to-face visits for many years. And now you have no choice: you’re stuck with the phone – a tool you may even scorn.

Sharon-Drew Morgen – NYTimes Business Bestselling author, breakthrough innovator, trainer/coach – offers an informative video to help you create empathy, gather data, and make recommendations that will be followed while taking care of a patient’s physical, emotional, and psychological issues in under 10 minutes. The topics in this free video:

  • How to use the telephone to efficiently address both physical and psychological issues with compassionate care and empathy.
  • The order of topics to address all necessary issues in a short time frame while building trust.
  • The elements for rapport building.
  • The unique questions to use to gather the necessary data quickly and kindly.
  • How to hear what’s unsaid and not usually listened for.
  • Using your rapport to enable follow through for your recommendations.

Sharon-Drew’s unique line of questions and her ability to hear others without bias is perfect for our times. Watch the video. Contact for further support:


Sharon-Drew Morgen is a breakthrough innovator and original thinker, having developed new paradigms in sales (inventor Buying Facilitation®, author NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity, Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell), listening/communication (What? Did you really say what I think I heard?), change management (The How of Change™), coaching, and leadership. Sharon-Drew coaches and consults with companies seeking out of the box remedies for congruent, servant-leader-based change in leadership, healthcare, and sales. Her award-winning blog carries original articles with new thinking, weekly. She can be reached at

Glossary of terms:

Compassion: how to convey kindness and comfort in each situation, within the time frame available.

Rapport: how to use your voice (tone, tempo, pitch, volume), breathing, relationship (or lack thereof), to create a WE Space that quickly develops trust between patient and provider.

Listening: how to hear unspoken messages to identify psychological as well as physical issues.

Effective Questions:  quickly discover physical and psychological health issues with the right questions to efficiently retrieve the exact data you need.

Recommendations: how to use words and tone during your appointment to ensure patient buy in and maintain trust.

Follow through: ending the call with next steps that have been agreed upon.

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