The EXpediter® Coach in a Pocket Tool

Did you ever wish you had said the “right” thing while you were in front of a prospect, rather than days later? Did you know there are specific Steps to a sale, and that until each Step is complete, the sale will not move forward?

Are you aware that it’s possible to retro-actively complete the Steps you or your customer failed to take, get back on track, and make sure that the follow-on steps are completed in a compressed time frame? Using the decision-making stages and Facilitative Questions included in The Morgen Buying Facilitation® method, the EXpediter® is a coach-in-a-pocket, giving you the exact words to use to move your sale forward.

What can the EXpediter® help with?

  • Didn’t get a call back? EXpediter® will give you the message to leave to get a call back.
  • You’re trying to close but your prospect hasn’t completed Step 2 of the 10 Step Buying Decision process and can’t make any further decisions until they have gotten agreement from colleagues. EXpediter® will tell you what to say to get the decision team involved and working with you.
  • Is your deal falling by the wayside as your client holds off a purchase until Q3 and the economy improves? EXpediter® will tell you how to get the prospect to define a route forward so you can work together in the interim.
  • The EXpediter® can be used as a Word file and kept on your laptop, or it can be customized for your mobile device.

We have made the first 3 Steps available for your trial…

  • The ability to plug in names, dates, and notes
  • The Progress Bar shows you where you are in your sale
  • The data you enter will be saved for future use

The EXpediter® can be used on a mobile device or laptop.

If your team seeks to add a tool to their mobile device,
contact us for a trial
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