Sharon-Drew MorgenSharon-Drew Morgen is the visionary and thought leader behind Buying Facilitation® the new sales paradigm that focuses on helping buyers manage their behind-the-scenes, non-need related issues necessary to get the internal buy-in they need to make a purchase. She is the author of the NYTimes Business Bestseller Selling with Integrity as well as 6 other books and hundreds of articles that explain different aspects of the behind-the-scenes issues buyers must manage before they can buy.

Sharon-Drew’s most recent book Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it defines what is happening within buyers environments and explains how and why they make the decisions they make. Her blog – www.sharondrewmorgen.com – is #6 of the top 100 sales/marketing blogs.

Morgen adds a much-needed aspect to the sales model. Until now, sales has been a solution-focused/needs assessment model that manages solution placement. But this is only 10% of a buyer’s decision point and sales only close 7% of the time as a result; until or unless they get the buy-in to purchase, they will do nothing, and sales does not handle the behind-the-scenes people/politics/policy elements buyers must address to get the buy-in to make a purchase. Morgen has developed Buying Facilitation®, a scalable decision facilitation model that operates as a navigation skill to lead buyers through all of the necessary decisions, to help them bring together the appropriate Buying Decision Team, and ensure they develop and agree to whatever changes a new solution will bring.

Sales very competently manages the solution placement end of the decision, yet buyers have been left on their own while sellers are left waiting for a response, and hoping they can close. But no longer: Buying Facilitation® actually gives sellers the tools to lead buyers through all of their internal, idiosyncratic decisions.

Morgen teaches Buying Facilitation® to global corporations, and she licenses the material with training companies seeking to add new skills to what they are already offering their clients. She also does keynotes for corporate meetings, and develops software content for marketing automation and sales enablement.

Morgen lives in Portland, Oregon, where she dances and works with children’s fund raising projects in her spare time.

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