Sharon-Drew can coach, train, and strategize with your sales team.

Buying Facilitation® is a decision facilitation model that works with the sales model to facilitate the steps and stages of the buying decision path from the idea phase quickly through to the incorporation of the full Buying Decision Team, then on to the solution choice phase. The sales model ignores this hidden phase of the private buying path buyers traverse. Buyers have to do this anyway – with you or without you. It might as well be with you, but it’s not possible with the sales model alone.

 Sharon-Drew Morgen, developer of Buying Facilitation® and coiner of the terms Buying Patterns, Buying Path, Buying Decision, Buy Cycle, Buying Decision Team, has a unique capability to recognize where in the buying decision cycle your clients are stuck in, and can offer the understanding and the commensurate actions that will teach the buyers how to close in a very short time.

 Until how, Sharon-Drew has worked only with large teams in global corporations. She is now available to help with:

short term coaching and strategizing for those sellers or teams that want help closing a large sale at any point in the buying decision process;

additional coaching tools for positioning and selling a solution with unfamiliar features in a very competitive environment.



Let Sharon-Drew help you understand what’s going on from the buyer’s side – what steps they need to take to move forward, where they are stuck internally, and how you can facilitate their journey to close, going from the idea stage, through to the incorporation of the full Buying Decision Team, through to choosing you as the provider.

15 minute trial coaching session – Contact Sharon-Drew directly:

One hour coaching session– team  
One hour coaching session – individual

Multiple sessions available with discount.


How can you ensure that the Buying Decision Team is fully present at your first appointment?

What support will you need at each stage?

What will you hear when the prospect is stuck, or backing away, and how can you ensure this won’t happen…before you even begin?

How many sales people do you need to hire this year to close the business you need (hint: it’s smaller than you think).

How can you create a presentation that will not only address the needs the Buying Decision is aware of, but the ones they don’t know they have?

15 minute trial strategy session- Contact Sharon-Drew directly:

One hour strategy session – Manager, Director

Multiple sessions available with discount.


Do you want to learn Buying Facilitation® for yourself? Your team? Discuss this with Sharon-Drew to see if it’s worthwhile to add new skills to help buyers facilitate their entire buying decision journey.

Contact Sharon-Drew directly:

Buying Facilitation® was developed as an add-on solution to be used with sales to help sellers facilitate the entire buying decision path – 90% of which happens behind-the-scenes and is not managed or addressed by the sales process. Let Sharon-Drew help you learn or use the model.



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