Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it.

Sales is a failed model: there is only a 10% success rate. Some industries have even less. Why?

It’s not about the sales person – the seller does a great job understanding need and presenting a solution. It’s not about the product – the product is perfect, well-priced, and branded. And the buyer’s need is a perfect fit for the seller’s solution.

The problem is that sales doesn’t manage the buying decision issues that need to happen within each buying environment. Half of the sales cycle is based on the buyer’s decision. Unfortunately, the buying decision can’t be made until all of the people, policies, initiatives, history, vendor relationships, initiatives – the buyer’s system if you will – buy-in to bringing something new into a mature system. Read More…

Buying Facilitation
Buying Facilitation™
Buying Facilitation™, the new way to sell that influences and expands decisions

In Buying Facilitation™, the new way to sell that influences and expands decisions Sharon-Drew Morgen introduces us to her Buying Facilitation™ Method, including the Buying Decision Funnel vs. the Product Decision Funnel. It introduces Facilitative Questions, systems listening, Presumptive Summaries, and how a conversation gets created. It gives the reader the understanding of concept of a buying decision rather than a sale, shows why sales is insufficient, and then leads the reader meticulously through the phases of how buyers decide. It offers two Case Histories to introduce the Method, and specifics of how and when to apply the model.

Buying Facilitation™ is the perfect companion to Dirty Little Secrets in that it’s more of a hands-on WHAT TO book, whereas Secrets is very much of an exploration of HOW systems determine decisions and where need sits within the system. Read More…

Selling with Integrity book cover
Selling with Integrity
*NYTimes Best Seller*
Selling With Integrity: reinventing sales through collaboration, respect, and serving. 1997 Berrett-Koehler; 1999 Berkeley Press

Sellers are good at pitching product, understanding need, and designing a solution for a customer. But why don’t more buyers buy? Why is there a 90% failure rate? Because sales only manages 1/2 of the the buyer’s buying decision; the other half is done in-house, and hanldes all of the internal issues that need to buy-in before the culture can change.

This is Morgen’s introduction to her Buying Facilitation™   model, and stresses the seller’s responsibility as a servant leader. The buyer has to do this end of the sales cycle anyway. Selling with Integrity makes the case that if the seller can be a part of the buying decision team, the buyer will close much faster and the seller will already be part of the team, thereby eschewing objections and competition.

Filled with real world examples, and skills sets for readers to work on after each chapter, Selling with Integrity is a ground-breaking sales book that is an introduction to the new sales paradigm. Read More…

Sales on the Line
Sales on the Line
Sales On The Line: Meeting the business demands of the 90s through phone partnering. 1992, Metamorphos Press.

Sales on the Line is a mixture of a phone sales book and a servant leader manifesto. The first book by Morgen, this book introduces her visionary sales thinking that buyers buy only when they can figure out how to engage the people and policies that developed the ‘need’ to begin with. She introduces a model that uses the telephone to help engage prospects and clients, and makes sure that every interaction is win-win. And by following one story through the entire book, Morgen builds the reader’s learning one idea at a time.

This book has been translated into several languages and is still in print!

Read More…

the new sales paradigm
The New Sales Paradigm Series
The New Sales Paradigm Series: Changing the Thinking, the Process, and the Skills in Sales.

These are a series for readers interested in dipping into some of Morgen’s new paradigm thinking. Filled with afticles and comments by more, it introduces topics near and dear to a seller’s heart, topics such as Managing Objections, and dealing with Gatekeepers. This trio of ebooks will get the reader excited about trying a new approach to sales, and explain what has prevented more success. Get them all! Read More…

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