The Buyer’s Decision Path: why it’s important to sellers

You get paid based on closed sales. Fortunately, you don’t get paid on the % of sales you don’t close.

But actually, that is exactly what happens: you are missing income on the sales you aren’t closing. But if you based your efforts on the buyer’s decision paths rather than your solution, you can be closing a helluva lot more sales.


If you could keep the commission you’re now on, and close twice as many sales, would you?

If you could close your business in half the time, leaving you time to close more, would you?

If you could close all of the prospects who would buy and avoid spending time on all of  the prospects/leads who will never buy, would you?

If you could only spend time on those people who you accurately qualify as buyers on the first call, would you?

If you could only respond to those RFPs who will choose you, would you?

If you could get 4x more prospects to want an appointment with you – and speak with folks who are eager to connect with you –  would you?

If you only went on appointments when the entire Buying Decision Team was present, and only need to make one appointment before you close the deal, would you?

If you needed to learn a new skill to do all of the above, would you?

So why aren’t you?

Just asking.


With Buying Facilitation® as a front end – and yes, a new skill to learn as it is a change management model that works with sales – you can do all of the above.

But you’d have to learn something new. What is it worth to you?

And yes, this is an unmitigated plug for Buying Facilitation®. I’ve heard too many people this week tell me that they don’t get paid for helping the buyer manage their buying decision journey. And that’s just not true: they do get paid for what they are closing – and not getting paid for what they are losing.


Easy ways to learn Buying Facilitation®:

Buy Dirty Little Secrets Bundle and read the tactical and strategic sides  of the model.

Buy the MP3’s of Sharon-Drew making live phone prospecting and qualifying calls.

Buy a Learning Accelerator for just those areas you’d like to brush up on (i.e. prospecting, managing objections, etc.).

Or get really bold, and learn the whole model with the Guided Study program.


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