Far, Far Too Hot

Austin is both a cool city and a hot town. It’s hot during August and September – furnace hot, actually – but every town has its drawbacks. And since the weather is mostly temperate year-round (except it does get down to near-freezing a couple of days during December), we happily complain for 8 weeks about how hot we are and either leave town, stay inside, go to the movies, or bake for those two months.

Except this year the furnace began in May, and by now (mid June), we’ve had many days in the hundreds already, setting a record. And not only is it burning hot, with ‘heat advisory’ alarms daily, but the brightness of the sun is painful.

It’s difficult to want to do anything other than go to the movies, or stay home with a book. Even going outside to get into the car takes some internal dialogue.

Usually our June is pleasant at about 90, with low humidity. We’re geared up for that. But day after relentless day temperatures of over 100 so early in the year is unnerving.

The other problem is the severe drought we’re having. Almost tolerable if it weren’t for the extreme heat. My lawn is just about dead, and because I work off of a rainwater collection unit, I have to keep buying water, which stresses out the city’s supplies. I actually had to allow my pond to evaporate rather than use my small amounts of collected/purchased water to fill it up. Good thing ‘someone’ (the local heron, or my friendly racoon, or the snake that lives in the pond) came and ate the fish so at least someone got dinner. But I miss them.

My friends in NY are complaining about the excessive rain. There are more storms – hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes – than ever before. Obviously there is some sort of climate change going on. And it’s scary.

There is little I can do, as one lone person. I do my share with recycling and using the right light bulbs. But I know that’s not enough. We all must do our part, whatever that is. And our governments must get together to agree on global initiatives. I sure hope it’s not too late.

In the meantime, I sweat day and night regardless of the A/C.  And watch my grass and plants die. And, like my neighbors, complain a lot. And I sure pray that we can all do something about climate change asap.


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