Sharon-Drew Morgen Training Programs

In-House Training: Hearing others without bias

For teams who want to make sure they hear clients, prospects, partners, and teammate with full comprehension, this one day program is a hand-on learning day designed to produce real change. Useful for sales, management, leadership, coaching, consulting.

Different from behavior-based programs, this course will teach a Choice Model to enable the ability of each participant to recognize

  • Problem areas where participants’ listening patterns obstruct collaborative communication;
  • Misunderstandings the moment they occur – and provide an immediate resolution;
  • How to make a correction during conversations going off track;
  • What is actually being said, at a metamessage level, rather than making assumptions.

Listening: Online TEAM LEARNING
Webinar, Assessments, Coaching

For those teams who wish to enhance their listening skills for clients, meetings, collaboration.

The cost of mishearing, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting what’s being said is high – and unnecessary. Sharon-Drew Morgen can work with you team to enhance your listening skills to avoid any restriction of ideas, relationships, client and new-hire acquisition, data gathering, and implementations.

Buying Facilitation® Training

Now you can enable the buying decision process in ways that sales alone cannot. By incorporating Buying Facilitation® into your sales skills, you will be able to help buyers navigate through their behind-the-scenes buying journey to resolve the internal issues they must resolve before a purchase.

Here are 3 innovative programs to help you create a company that is a top-to-bottom sales machine, and design sales/marketing content for buyers and investors that influence buying decisions.

The problem you have is not your solution. The problem is how to help buyers and investors separate you from other worthy competitors and choose you because you meet their (hidden) criteria for success. The programs I’ve designed will teach you how to influence the buying decision process and use targeted content and pitching strategies optimal for each selling, marketing, and fund raising situation.

Use the Phone for Compassionate Healthcare

How to create trust and collect data efficiently and empathetically

The HOW of Change

Have you ever been frustrated trying to change a behavior or habit? Now you can.

Noted original thinker, inventor, author, and thought leader Sharon-Drew Morgen has developed a 5 part learning program to teach you how to generate new synapses consciously for those times you seek to make a change – and make it permanent.

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