Effective Change Management: getting buy-in for new initiatives

Decision Facilitation is a term I coined to help explain my Buying Facilitation Method®. It connotes a systems-based navigation process that leads people through all of the change management and systems issues that must be addressed, both personally and professionally, when some sort of change (all decisions represent change), or purchase, is being considered.

On Wednesday, March 9th at 2:00 – 3:30 ET, I will be running a webinar with Systems Thinker called A Problem is Not an Isolated Event: how to manage change systematically, for those of you who want to learn a new way to get buy-in before beginning the actual change initiative.


Decision Facilitation is a scalable, learnable skill set that makes it possible for the influencer or management team to lead Others to

  • recognize and manage all of the decision issues necessary for change, adoption, and buy-in and ensures that the change management team addresses the most comfortable and efficient approach as fits that unique system,
  • alleviate and omit any disruption or resistance,
  • recognize and fix resistance issues during the course of the initiative;
  • learn how to work alongside of business partners in volatile environments filled with rapid change and shifting people, rules, and relationships.

I’ve been slogging my model in the sales field for decades (When I began my journey to change the world I stupidly thought that having an 800% proven increase over the sales model alone would insure adoption, and I could swiftly move on to the change management and coaching fields. I was so wrong.), but my initial intent was to have an Institute in which people from all walks of life could learn how to work together collaboratively and help Others make their own best decisions.

I’m still ever-hopeful that that will happen. This webinar is a good start – as is the article published in the Systems Thinker called ‘Buy-in: a radical approach to change management.’


This webinar is for anyone needing buy-in in order to be successful. This includes:

  • folks doing project management with disparate team players who need to get on the same page quickly;
  • internal consultants and change agents;
  • technology implementations (to ensure the client is ready to accept and encourage the change);
  • purchasing agents and procurement officers who need to get the customers to buy-in to the same criteria for choosing vendors;
  • teams forming with new members who must work together on a new initiative;
  • sales folks helping buyers to get buy-in from their Buying Decision Teams.

I will be talking about how problems become problems, how to address the change issues beforehand to avoid resistance, and how to satisfy the criteria of the whole so everyone has their shoulder to the wheel with equal weight. I’ll discuss how to get agreement at the start of an initiative and how to proceed through the change implementation in a way that ensures continual buy-in and leadership and creativity.

Problems don’t occur – or get resolved – independently: the entire existent system must agree to a change, and find ways to ensure that the change, and the activity to adopt the change, fit together comfortably. And when people – especially people who haven’t worked together before, or who have a stake in maintaining the status quo – work together, many of their human, unconscious criteria are involved and have the potential to resist.

Until or unless the internal issues – those pesky idiosyncratic beliefs, values, personality issues – get managed, there can be no optimal buy-in for change regardless of the efficacy of the change being requested.

Join me next week. I know you might know me as a ‘sales leader’. But I’m an inventor of change management and decision making models. Join me as I talk about what is deepest in my heart: helping people traverse the mysterious terrain between where they are and where they want to be. Join me and take away a few thoughts on how to help others – clients, friends, family – make their own best change decisions.

And, kudos to Systems Thinker. I approached them with my ideas that were, well, radical. And Janice Malloy – editor and visionary – found the ideas exciting and ‘fresh’. It is a field I’ve not been known in, but Janice welcomed me and supported me. I’m honored and blessed. And so delighted to be doing this webinar with them.

Join us. Sign up here. It’s $129 and I bet you’ll get your money’s worth.


To learn more about the system of how decisions get made and the strategy behind effective change management, read Dirty Little Secrets: why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it.

To read articles, and listen to a 6 series podcast on buy-in and managing resistance, go to FacilitatingBuyin.com

To speak with Sharon-Drew to help you design a training program for your team to ensure they work together well and manage the buy-in, email her at sharondrew@newsalesparadigm.com

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