What is the value of a loyal customer?

Recently I got a cut-off notice from T-Mobile. For non-payment of $106.10. Apparently I didn’t receive 2 bills, and if it’s not in front of me, it doesn’t register that the bill hasn’t been paid.

Let’s think about this for a moment. I have 3 accounts and 2 devices with T-Mobile. I give them around $150/month, not to mention the purchase of the android phone and Tab for hundreds of dollars. And, I have never, ever, missed a payment. In the 5 years they’ve been my service provider. And I paid my other 2 T-Mobile bills. Just one account and bill were problematic. Did that pattern of payments not point to a possible problem?

I bet that there are ‘bad’ customers who don’t pay their bills. But don’t the folks at T-Mobile  have some sort of bell that goes off when a GOOD customer hasn’t paid?

Wouldn’t it have been nice to receive a courtesy call reminding me? Then I could have called them, found out how much I owed, discussed the problem, and all would have been handled – as it was – in minutes. Instead, I got a shut-off notice that makes me feel like a delinquent.

When I discussed it with the service rep, she agreed with me that there should be a separate category for ‘good’ customers who didn’t pay for a month (in my case, I didn’t get two bills). She said she got calls all the time from angry loyal customers with notices such as mine. And really, was she willing to lose a customer for $106.10?

While I’m at it, let me express my extreme annoyance that T-Mobile has no flexibility. I purchased the Android phone with them, the month it came out. A few months later, the Tablet came out and I bought that also. They do the same thing (minus the ‘phone’ function). I called T-Mobile and asked if I could trade to a different phone with different capability rather than duplicate capability. No, they said. You have another 22 months left in your phone contract. But I don’t care about the payment or terms – I just wanted additional, or different, capability rather than have duplicate functionality. Nope.

My complaint today is that loyal customers should be given some flexibility and courtesy. If I can be loyal, I deserve more than a delinquency notice, or a simple ‘no’ when I could use an additional choice.

For the duplication issue, can’t they have a category for folks who purchased several devices so they can switch and swap within the boundaries of what they pay for?

For the payment issue, we’re just dealing with a computer that sets off an ‘alarm’ and sends a nasty notice. Can’t they send that alarm to customer service folks to call and find out what the problem is also??

Just asking.


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