Recommending…….. Me!

Since I often recommend others, maybe I should use this space to recommend myself!

I approach both speaking and training with extreme passion and dedication to change:

  1. I adore doing keynotes (I love provoking new thinking, and giving old thoughts a nudge or two), and blowing apart business myths that hinder true success and Excellence.
  2. I work very much with the energy of the audience. We all end up feeling like we’re in a living room together, no matter whether there are 150 people or 1500 people. We learn, play, laugh, reconsider, stretch, while new ideas form and old ideas get questioned.
  3. My audiences walk away debating new ideas for days, adopting new ideas immediately, passionately disagreeing with my thinking – but questioning their own as a result. I see the world differently – I can explain every human aspect of a buyer’s decision journey, or a change management implementation, or a collaboration, or a negotiation, and show how it can be influenced, with integrity.
  4. My talks – regardless if the topic is sales, or buying, or buy-in, or the economy, or change –  move folks beyond their status quo: I’m not called a Thought Leader for nothing! I genuinely see the world in systems, and can notice where they are stuck, or need to expand, to enable possibility and Excellence.
  5. My clients have been global and across industries and professions: I’ve trained and spoken to sales professionals, negotiators, management teams, coaches, lawyers, and even dentists (folks need to decide to floss, right?). If you want to think differently, get ready for change, or learn how decisions get made and  how to influence them, pick me.


I’ve actually coded the decision making process underlying all unconscious/conscious change and have developed a scalable model that can help others navigate through their choices with integrity. It’s a great way to enter the off-line world of the buyers and help them navigate through their buying journey. A wonderful tool to help managers work together effectively, have supervision and leadership skills, and run efficient meetings. Very important for customer service people. Amazing for buying teams and procurement officers. Even wonderful for helping people involved in coaching, parenting, or in any influencing situation. My work has been used in large negotiations, taught at a well-known university in the Leadership Development area, and used by a group of PhD Educators to develop parent/teacher programs.

I’m fun, passionate, and very very alive. I’ll run a training program that teaches lifelong skills and promotes real change and very impressive results. I’ll do a keynote that will make your group re-consider and challenge their current behaviors and status quo, with plenty of action items. At the very least, I’ll incite very relevant conversations that will encourage your own new ideas.

Here are a couple of videos of me speaking. Have a look/listen, and get back to me with questions: And if you’re looking for an exciting speaker to have you view the world with different possibilities, let me know.

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Initial 5 minute clip:

Speaking/Teaching video:

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