GO VOTE. NOW. Do you realize how many people around this world kill – or get killed – for the right to vote? And you are squandering that right because…. because…. ?

I can get really cranky when people complain that they don’t like what the government is doing and they don’t vote.

So here’s the deal, folks.

If you don’t vote, you cannot:

  • complain about anything political;
  • be annoyed that your kids aren’t getting the education you’d like them to have;
  • be annoyed when you’re taxes are too high;
  • expect to have the fire department come if your house is on fire;
  • expect to have a policeman available if you are getting mugged (or worse)
  • complain about the wars or our expenditures.

Are things going great right now? Nope. Do you know why? No. Really. Do you know why? Are you doing your reading? Watching different channels for news from different angles so you can form an informed opinion based on all the facts (not just the ones you want to hear)?

We are Americans. We have the freedom to say what we want, choose whom we want to rerpesent us, travel and work and live and love the way we want. Our rights are protected. We can disagree, or sue, or have as many children as we want. We can expect to not get raped or killed when we go out to the store. We can expect to write or read what we want on the internet. We can complain to whomever we want, and not be put in jail. We can rally, protest, lodge complaints, write books, or in any way make our voices heard. Because we’re a democracy. And that means we vote.

Go vote. Make sure we always have these rights.


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