Two Days to Launch: a sneak preview of 3 of the Dirty Little Secrets

shhh they're secretsJust to whet your appetite, here are three of the  ‘dirty little secrets’ from my the Conclusion of my new book. Enjoy.

2. Buyers will make no purchasing decisions until they get buy-in from the components (people, policies, initiatives, groups) that are in any way connected to, or adjacent to, their

Because we invariably meet our prospects before they have gone through their change activities and our sales cycle is longer than necessary, we enter at the wrong time, with the wrong focus, and get bad results.

Now we can be a support person at both ends of the buying decision: First, as a decision facilitator; next, as a solution provider.We will be able to help them recognize and manage their decision elements and be put on their Buying Decision Teams early on.

5. Until buyers understand, and know how to mitigate, the risks that a new solution will bring to their culture, they will do nothing.

Buyers begin solution discovery prematurely, without first understanding the route they will have to take to get buy-in for any systemic change or purchase.

Now we can help them understand and manage their risks, and get agreement for change and a purchase. If the outcome is not based on their need or our solution. Neither of us will initially understand the route buyers must take to get the systemic buy-in.

But our understanding of systems will help them get the right people and initiatives together quickly.

9. Buyers buy on unique, idiosyncratic criteria that are agreed to by their Buying Decision Team (people not necessarily directly involved with the Identified Problem but having some historic connection), not on the strength of their need, your product or service, or your relationship.

They buy for reasons that largely have nothing to do with us. And we sell for reasons that largely have nothing to do with them. This fact has kept buyers in their buying decision cycle longer than necessary.

Now we can help the Buying Decision Team discover their criteria so they can resolve their internal systems issues and move forward to a product purchase in approximately one-eighth the length of the sales cycle.

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Stay tuned. Tomorrow I’ll give you three more secrets! And, go to the book site, Dirty Little Secrets and look at the cool freebies you’ll get from really smart people if you buy the new book! Not to mention, the really cool book you’ll get to read.


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