Don’t treat me like an idiot

For decades, I’ve been bringing new thinking into the sales field. Yay me, right? Yet sometimes when folks have very rigid (and sometimes very conventional) thinking, instead of getting curious, they act as if I don’t know what I’m talking about.

For sure, with my Aspserger’s, I don’t always relate like others do (although God knows it feels ‘normal’ to me). But in the same vein, my brain is different from other’s brains. That’s the good news! With my unusual brain, I’ve been able to think differently, and bring new models and success, collaboration and servant leadership in to the world.

Not to mention, without brains like mine, how else does change happen – by continuing doing what you’ve always done?

As we know, Einstein said that we can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it. There is another quote of his I’d like to offer here: “If at first an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

I’ve been putting my decision facilitation material (Buying Facilitation Method(R), Facilitative Questions, Presumptive Summaries, Decision Sequencing) into the world and training folks since 1988. Sure – it’s different. But thankfully, its power and success has been validated through the 20,000 people I”ve trained. Does it fit with conventional thinking? Absolutely not 🙂

Today, someone asked me if my Facilitative Questions met the criteria of conventional questions, and if not, why would they be valid?

Imagine if websites had to meet the criteria for conventional marketing, or light bulbs had to meet the criteria for candles, or cars had to meet the criteria for horses. Each new idea has a new set of criteria, expectations, outcomes. Why bother comparing it to old ideas?

And, since there are new and different possibilities, with different outcomes, criteria, and expectations, why not all get curious rather than arrogant? Why not get excited that there is something new possible?

I get so so annoyed when people talk to me as if I were an idiot, instead of getting excited that just maybe, I’m changing the conventional and developing something awesome. Imagine if my ideas were really smart. Then what would have to be true?

Just saying.


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