The Last Thing Buyers Need is your Solution

choosing-300x274Let’s liken a buyer’s need to a cog in a wheel that moves a cart. If one cog breaks the other cogs create a workaround so the cart gets where it’s going. The cart would prefer not to replace the cog because of the complexity, fall out, and duration of the change: can the old cog be fixed? Will the other wheels pick up the slack? If we need a new wheel, must it match the other wheels – and when could we make the switch to not undermine the trip? Is the cost of a new cog higher than just adapting the other wheels? Will the drivers know how to drive with a new wheel?

When our buyers have a ‘cog’ problem, the cost of fixing it might take a toll on the trip, the cart, the drivers, or the other wheels. To make a change of any kind they must traverse a 13 step process (go to for the steps of the buy path) to figure out the cost to the system of people, policies, and relationships: a purchase is their last resort.  And instead of waiting while they do it, we can facilitate them – but not with the sales model.

You have a choice: you can follow buyers around until they decide they need your solution – about 90% of them won’t – or facilitate their decision path. I developed a change facilitation model called Buying Facilitation® that works with sales to help buyers navigate all steps of their unique buy path.

Buying Facilitation® teaches buyers to assemble all who will address the change on the first call, and to decide if they will fix the cog or buy a new one – your solution – on the second call. You’ll know who is a buyer, who isn’t, and either teach them how to work with you toward a solution or walk away with minimum time wastage.

Call me. I can help you facilitate the buy path of any B2B client, regardless of your solution, and with sales, marketing, and social. You’ll save over 80% of your time wastage, close 4x more, and be differentiated. Unless you like sitting by the site of the road waiting for your clients to decide how they’re going to get their wheel to work. or 512 457 0246. Visit to learn about Buying Facilitation®.

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