The Brain

I want to introduce you to a fabulous tool that I found. It’s
called The Brain

It’s a 3D content management tool that makes it
possible to store all kinds of data – data you can enter yourself, links
to sites or documents, etc. – and have everything instantly available at
your fingertips. I cleaned up my whole office once I installed it – all of
those scraps of paper lying around, all those notes that I take for myself to
do, or remember – all there, in front of me, organized in ways I can
either see or immediately search for.

They give you a free 30 day download trial. I purchased it
after using it a week. I found it indispensable immediately. And, when I have
questions, they contact me back with helpful answers immediately. The only
thing I’d like to add, which they have no plans to add now, is a merge
feature. I have 2 computers, and I’m always either using a jump stick or
copying the brain back and forth and sometimes I forget. And since the new
Brain that I copy overrides whatever I have on that computer, if I forget to
copy it to myself, I can’t use the Brain on the computer I’m on or I’ll
lose data somewhere.

But if you have 2 offices or computers and don’t mind
the jump stick, or if you have a much simpler life than I do, get the Brain. It
will organize your whole life and even make you more creative. Sales people can
put up all of their clients, and underneath store names, numbers, files. You can
have people and companies interact with each other so it all comes up at once,

Trial it. Then write me back and thank me.

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