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Buying Facilitation®: The New Way To Sell That Influences And Expands Decisions

buying facilitationThe new way to sell that influences and expands decisions. The Buying Facilitation Method® is a new sales tool that is used with the selling model, to facilitate the buyer’s back-end, non-solution buying journey and change management issues first, while helping buyers get the buy-in to make a purchase. Buying Facilitation™ introduces Facilitative Questions, systems listening, presumptive summaries, and a decision sequencing model that leads buyers through all of their pre-purchase decisions.

Dirty Little Secrets: Why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell and what you can do about it

Sellers often don’t close all of the sales they deserve to close. Why? The sales model itself fails to address the off-line issues buyers must manage before making a buying decision. Dirty Little Secrets takes the reader behind the scenes to understand how buyers buy, and offers tools to help them.

Buying Facilitation® Bundle

With these books, you will get
1. an overview of what Buying Facilitation® is and does,
2. an understanding of the entire buying decision process that goes on behind-the-scenes and that sales is not privy to.

What? Did you really say what I think I heard?


Buying Facilitation® Coaching

Are you closing all of the sales you deserve to close? Helping buyers make the decisions necessary to use you to support their excellence – in the appropriate time frame? Why not?

Sales folks take coaching with me to help them understand what their buyers are going through: why it’s taking so long, what they need to manage internally, getting the right people onto the Buying Decision Teams. They also work with me to overcome issues they face on the route to success.

Webinar, Assessments, Coaching

For those teams who wish to enhance their listening skills for clients, meetings, collaboration.

The cost of mishearing, misunderstanding, and misrepresenting what’s being said is high – and unnecessary. Sharon-Drew Morgen can work with you team to enhance your listening skills to avoid any restriction of ideas, relationships, client and new-hire acquisition, data gathering, and implementations.

Assessment Tool: How Bias, Assumptions, and Triggers effect communication

Interested in understanding the extent of how you bias or misunderstand others? These Assessments cover Bias, Assumptions, and Triggers and are great for individuals or teams to use for Brown Bag lunch discussions as a complement to What?.

Audio Products

Hear Sharon-Drew teach the Buying Facilitation® Method to introduce different types of sales calls: prospecting calls, customer service problems, fund raising, complaints, and problem solving situations. This is a great start in learning how to help buyers maneuver through their behind-the-scenes decision process.

Learning Accelerators

To learn the full skill set involved in Buying Facilitation®, it is necessary to complete the guided study. the complete Guided Study is necessary. For those of you who merely want to one or two of your sales skills, choose one of these accelerators. If you do purchase an accelerator and decide later you wish to learn the entire Buying Facilitation® process, we will deduct the price of the accelerator from the purchase price of the Guided Study program.

Buying Facilitation® Guided Study + Coaching Program

Have you wanted to learn the Buying Facilitation® but have not been able to attend a program with Sharon-Drew?

Have you wanted to learn the Buying Facilitation® Method but have not been able to attend a program with Sharon-Drew? Study the program designed by Sharon-Drew to lead you through all of the material taught in her revolutionary 3-day Buying Facilitation® training.

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