Pregnant and sexy. On national TV! We finally have arrived!

This past Saturday, Saturday Night Live was hosted by the incomparable Tina Fey who was obviously pregnant and dressed in a sexy black slinky dress and ultra high sexy heels. I was a bit surprised to see something so tight and form fitting – very sexy – on a pregnant woman, and was reminded of my pregnancy in which I wore huge sack dresses and looked like a blimp. I was delighted that we had come so far as a society to be able to applaud and display our baby-bellies.

Soon after Tiny began her intro, she was joined by another past member of SNL, Maya Rudolph, who was also very obviously pregnant, and also in a black slinky dress. They then sang a duet about being pregnant that included a hip-swinging, down-and-dirty beat that had them movin’ and groovin’ together. Incredible: two gorgeous, sexy, pregnant women, sloshing their hips and bellies and butts around to a hot beat in tight black dresses in front of millions of people.

I am still thinking about that song, those dresses, that wondrous, luscious, juicy dance, of women who were, well, doing what women do. Being sexy. Movin’ and groovin’. Singing with their best friends. And being pregnant.

Makes me cranky for all of those years – decades, millenia – that we were kept in ‘confinement’ or told not to have sex, or be euphemized as being ‘radiant’, but were not allowed to be sexy in public.

Phew. What a relief. Finally we get to be all we can be, all the time, wherever we are, and whatever shape we’re in. I’m so proud of both of those women and SNL for breaking new ground.

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