Nancy Nardin Has It

nancy nardinYou need help selling? Nancy Nardin has it.

It’s amazing, in fact. Separate from the buying decision end of the sales process that my stuff  Buying Facilitation™ manages, and sitting squarely in the Sales Tools end of the sales spectrum, Nancy’s site is amazing.

Have a look: Smart Selling Tools.

You need a contract? She’s got it. You need to create an on-line presentation and want to capture the site visitors? She’s got it. You  want to analyze data from a prospect’s company to see if you should be selling to them? She’s got it.

It’s pretty awesome. All at the touch of a button, you can have just about anything you need to help you during the ‘sales’ end of your seller/buyer management.

Nancy also has links to other sales experts, categorized, so you can find who and what you need. I’m very impressed that Nancy has made everything so brainless – and professional.

In fact, Nancy is even opening up a dialogue – creating a community, if you will – to give sellers the opportunity to discuss, discover, and experience the best in the field. She has a very high criteria for having everything you need to help YOU be a professional.

Go to her site and play around. Everything is so seamless. I think you’ll like it.


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