Mastering the World of Selling

Do you want to have every sales expert’s best thinking right at your finger tips?

How do you decide whose advice to take when you have a sales problem? Do you go to the old tried-and-true masters? The new thinkers?

Do you want to know how technology is making a difference? Or just how to decrease the forEVER sales cycle?

Well, all of the answers should be found in this anthology of the best sales thinking in the world today (Full disclosure: I’m in the book.). Eric Taylor and David Riklan, the Creators of the “Mastering the World” book series, are releasing their newest masterpiece Mastering the World of Selling. They did some research, found the best of the best, and asked us all to submit our most provocative, forward-thinking, and representative articles.

From Dale Carnegie to Buying Facilitation™, from webinars to ebooks, this book is like the bible of selling. Not only is the book filled with usable ideas that you can immediately apply from whatever sales thinking floats your boat, but the book is actually well written.

Find more leads. Generate more business. Close more sales. B2B? B2C? Complex sale? Small product sale? Influencing? Presenting? It’s all there. And, if you act right away, most of us have given Eric and David free stuff you can get when you buy the book.

Run to Barnes and Noble. Get onto Amazon. Buy copies for your whole team. Any way you do it, get the book. And then write me a note and thank me.


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