I am a lone nut

My colleague Vanessa DiMauro is a leadership guru. This seriously cool YouTube video was on her blog recently.

Charming, fun, and smart, it tells a very interesting story of a Lone Nut, on a hill among friends, as he gets up and starts to dance. Alone. Soon, a First Follower shows up to join his dance. The LN hugs the FF and kindly shows him how to do the dance. For some time, the two of them are the only folks on a hill filled with others sitting, eating, having a nice day in the park. But then another Follower shows up. Then another. And finally, the entire hill is dancing… and those remaining seated become the outsiders.

This is my story. I’ve been the Lone Nut for decades, and now, followers have shown up. The whole hill isn’t dancing yet quite yet, and some have gotten up but are doing the dance differently. But there is certainly a group forming. Since this is Cranky Tuesday, I get to complain that everyone needs to get out of their cushy seats and start dancing with me. Really. What, exactly, are your choices in today’s doomed sales environment?

Here are your choices if you decide to remain in your comfort zone and not dance:

  1. keep sitting where you are sitting and let the world change around you;
  2. let technology take over your job and risk lower pay, or getting fired for lack of revenue;
  3. start a new dance and spend 20 years seeking First Followers.

Or you can dance with me. I’ve got the moves. I’ve got the music. And I’ve got the First Followers.

I once heard a great one liner: Behind every mighty oak is a nut that held it’s ground.

You get to be a leader or a follower. Doing nothing is a poor option. One of my longtime Followers once said: “I might not be smart enough to develop a new methodology, but I’m certainly smart enough to know who to follow.”

Wanna come dance with me? Then we can be nuts, together.


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