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At the beginning of this month, I did an interview on The Small Business Advocate. The segment was titled “Why buyers can’t buy and sellers can’t sell”. Jim Basingame reaches many thousand entrepreneurs and small business owners. He does well on his site to make a lot of material available for his listeners, and even has a segment he calls The Brain Trust for articles that will help entrepreneurs succeed. They are doing a fine job. Take a look at their site The Small Business Advocate.

In the following interview, Jim and I had some fun with each other. He was obviously well versed in sales – the conventional model of sales – and provided a great counter-balance between my ideas on Buying Facilitation™ and how he conceived of the job of a seller. It’s old-world/new-world. I wish we had had more time to fully explore how the two pieces could fit together. For now, enjoy. But stay tuned: the Brain Trust will be printing some of my articles regularly.

Listen to the interview.

And if you want to do an interview, podcast, or webinar with me for your colleagues, clients, or audience, let’s create some devastatingly provocative title to get folks curious about how to be a lot more successful in sales, coaching, negotiating, OD, change management, and marketing.  And thanks, everyone, for your continued interest. Contact me.


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