Far too hot

I live in Austin. That means August and September are the equivalent of living inside a furnace. Going outside means your eyes get blinded by the white hot sun, and your skin slowly burns. I live in loose, abbreviated clothing – jeans get put away from June til October as do normal shoes.

I can’t complain though. Last summer it was 105 from May until the end of September – and one day in the last week of Sept I left the house in my furnace clothes and was freezing. Totally freezing as if it was winter. I came back into the house and grabbed a sweater. Temperature? 85. This year it didn’t hit tripple digits until August, and there was regular rain along with temperatures only in the 90s (and don’t forget, we get 90% humidity). So we felt like we had an extended spring. Can’t complain about this year.

Last year I was in Australia for a few weeks. The sun actually hurts down there — like needles pricking my skin. The ozone layer protects us here. It was a very weird feeling to be bitten by the sun. Scary.

For those of you on the east coast having a hot summer, remember us next year when you’re back down to normal summer temps. We’ll still be baking in our furnace. But the rest of the year – except for Dec/Jan – we have mild weather. About 6 months of 70 degrees. And no snow to speak of.

So I won’t complain. But I’ll stay insideĀ  with air conditioning until October.


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