ForceLogix Makes Your Sales Force Effective

ForceLogix is a cool company. It’s one of those companies that you say, “Hasn’t anyone every thought of that before?”

But no one did until Patrick Stakenas, founder and CEO of ForceLogix, did. He’s found a way to turn selling into science. He’s taken all of those mechanical, yet necessary, jobs that a sales manager must do to create a successful team – things such as

  • designing and managing corporate objectives,
  • collecting customer and seller data in one place with whatever analysis you want to use,
  • creating and tracking sales folks and their targets,
  • managing and increasing the  performance of sales teams and incorporating the data into the CRM system.

The software is amazing! Not only does it do what a sales manager does, but does what s/he SHOULD be doing. Here is a link to a page on his site that has all of the cool stuff: Product Overview

Patrick says that “ForceLogix was created to meet the needs of companies who wish to optimize and increase the effectiveness of their sales force. ForceLogix provides affordable on-demand solutions allowing companies to improve their business performance through the use of more effective sales management optimization programs. ForceLogix enables companies to easily and affordably design, implement, manage, audit and communicate sales performance. By providing sales managers with more effective plans and better visibility, these companies can dramatically improve sales performance.”

Here is Patrick’s Sales Performance Management tool (the SalesForce Optimizer Solution, Optimizer 4.0) that unifies all the jobs that sales managers do to make a team successful (and forgiving me for quoting him so much, but if I didn’t quote him, I’d plagarize: “This groundbreaking platform boosts the effectiveness of sales organizations by uniting key performance data with developmental coaching to drive sustained revenue. Optimizer represents the first Sales 2.0 solution that is designed specifically for sales leadership and sales management.”
Press Release

If you have a sales force, and want your team to be successful, take a look at the tools at ForceLogix. They are state of the art, extremely user-friendly, and necessary. Your managers have to do all of these things anyway: They might as well have them be automated so they can do their real jobs of managing people, hands on.

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