Craig’s List,, and University Job Boards all suck

Looking for a tech person, I tried everything any normal employer would try, assuming that amongst them, I would find the right person. But I was wrong.

The people that showed up have been unqualified, and the job boards had no way of qualifying or filtering them for me.

I originally just posted on Craig’s list, but was receiving very strange responses. So I put the job description on all of the university job boards in Austin (UT, TXState, etc) to see what that would bring me. That, actually, achieved absolutely nothing. No one – no one – contacted me from a university job board. How interesting that no students need part time jobs!

Then, I bit the bullet and paid $300 to post on, thinking that given my fee, they would obviously have a higher quality, vetted, group of potential employees. But I was wrong, and I wasted my money.

To begin with, more than half of the people who contacted me had absolutely irrelevant resumes. But the other half had some of the skills I asked for, certainly not all. When I spoke with them, they were clueless. Anyone who had spoken to them could have easily discovered that their C.V.s were invented or their skills not up to standard.

So the big question: why did I pay $300 to get a posting on if I were going to receive the same level of unprofessional people that I was getting on Craig’s list? Why didn’t someone vet them? And why did I pay $300?

For those interested, I found 3 terrific women from a site called This is a group of professional women who help each other out. The resume’s I got from here were from truly professional and mature women. Good to know, folks.

If you want to hire a mature, professional person, go to And forget Craig’s list and


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  2. I had a similar experience with sites here in México. One of the sites I never even paid. They kept calling me for about 6 months asking for their money and I kept telling them they didn’t fulfill their promises, until they asked me to talk to a supervisor and this person accepted my reasons. The others I did pay and it was just wasted money.

    I never understand why it is so difficult to find professionals.

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