Authenticity In Business: Making Money And Making Nice

pacificintegralFrom 1990 – 1995, I was involved with the Spirituality in the Workplace movement with folks such as Willis Harmon, Hazel Henderson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Martin Rutte. I think we were a bit early, but I think it’s really never too early to combine spiritual business practices with making money.

There was always the fear that if people were treated fairly, and truly served each other and their clients, that companies couldn’t make money. It was considered ‘too soft’. So I dumbed-down my public thoughts about sales and servant-leadership, and saved them for prospect/client conversations. And I put gentle referrences to it in my book titles (Selling with Integrity for example) as I developed my servant-leader-based sales method. Hey, it’s possible to make money and make nice!

Now, with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability coming ‘out of the closet’ and becoming a more acceptable part of business, it’s necessary to find the actual SKILLS to serving clients, saving the earth’s resources, becoming leaders who bring out the best, and having authentic communications with clients and colleagues alike.

Enter Pacific Integral ( This group is dedicated to bringing authenticity into business, giving leaders the tools to 1. lead from and with their hearts, while 2. maintaining profit and 3. staying on the leading edge. They offer personal and corporate programs that support authentic leadership, working with partnering, values, and commitment to action – all of the assets we want our leaders to exhibit. On their site they say:

Pacific Integral is committed to the conscious evolution of individuals and organizations to support the emergence of a sustainable, equitable and beautiful future for humanity. Our work catalyzes the essential thought, spirit and action to create transformative change that dramatically increases personal and organizational effectiveness.

Making money isn’t enough anymore in our new business world. It’s time to call on our hearts to join our minds in creating a world that serves all. Part of the problems we are facing today come from different sorts of greed. I look forward to the days when we all have the skills that Pacific Integral teaches. The world will be a much, much better place.

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