A New Presentation Model: Facilitate the Decision

presentationI know that a lot of you love to do presentations. When folks use Buying Facilitation™ their presentations are not focused on presenting solution data, but rather helping prospect maneuver through their behind-the-scenes issues they need to manage before being able to choose a solution – and THEN they present whatever matches the buying criteria they all have discovered together.

Whenever we stand in front of a room and pitch data, we have no idea how the folks are viewing us or our solution, what the politics in the room are and how the personalities are weighted, how we are being perceived in relation to our competitors, their old vendors or their on-site team mates who are currently providing a work-around until a new solution gets chosen.

We’ve made great pitches to buyers who have needed us, but haven’t gotten the work because we haven’t managed the off-line issues that we are blissfully unaware of until we lose the sale. That doesn’t need to happen.

Watch my brief video and begin thinking about how to use the presentation process differently. After all, you’re there, in front of the prospect anyway: consider adding a decision facilitation session to the front end of your conversation before you show them your solution details. They won’t make a buying decision until they do that anyway, and if you don’t help them, they’ll do it off-line, without you.

Do you want to be on the Buying Decision Team? or do you want to sit and wait while they make their decisions without you. Because they need to make them anyway. Might as well be with you.



Today, Oct 29, is your last day to get your freebies for purchasing Dirty Little Secrets.  I hope you’re all enjoying the new book. I’m sure enjoying our emails and your questions. I’ll soon put together call-in coaching sessions so I can help you learn. Stay tuned. And thank you for your care.

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  2. Your point is well taken and I suspect that really successful salespeople – the top 5%- have been doing this unconsciously for years. If salespeople would only stop and think how THEY make decisions when they buy, they would be far more likely to use your process as well. Selling is not rocket science. It is about people waking up every day, trying to get a job done while dealing with lots of external and internal factors. Figure out how to juggle those factors for them and they will happily buy from you.

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