Why Buyers Aren’t Buying

prospectingYou offer information well before prospects know what to do with it.
You offer information well before prospects have assembled their complete buying decision team and have heard all voices to define need.

You offer information well before prospects have attempted to decide between a work-around, their current vendor, or the best type of solution possible.

You attempt to make an appointment before the full Buying Decision Team has been assembled and you have no idea where they are along their decision path.

You are not offering to facilitate their decision journey and manage the change, but merely do what all others do and offer information – the last thing they need.

You wait for the low hanging fruit because you continue to base your success on waiting until a need is established, defined, and planned for rather than facilitate their journey.

You assume because you offer good information that buyers are supposed to, um, buy – when they don’t even know what parts of the information are relevant.

You forget that the last thing buyers do is choose a solution.

You forget that buyers merely want to resolve a problem, not buy your solution.

You forget that until everyone who will touch the final solution is on board, until any change issues are addressed, until every voice is heard to fully define the need, until workarounds are trialed or considered, buyers cannot buy – regardless of need or the efficacy of your solution.

There is nothing you can do that is sales related – not attempt intimacy, or get in for an appointment, or make a terrific pitch, or create a terrific presentation – that will facilitate the complete buy path as it is change related, not solution placement related. It’s unique, idiosyncratic, personal, and closed to outsiders. But I can teach you Buying Facilitation® that works with just those issues so you can serve all of the buyer’s needs. You can start by reading Dirty Little Secrets – www.dirtylittlesecretsbook.com  or contact Sharondrew@sharondrewmorgen.com to design a customized coaching or learning program to facilitate your sales folks. Also, Sharon-Drew’s new book What? Did you really say what I think I heard? is available, for free, in digital format.

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