Why Aren’t Buyers With Needs Buying?

disconnectDo you know why so many prospects that need your solution don’t buy?  If ‘need’ were the only buying criteria, you’d be closing a lot more.

First of all, buyers don’t want to purchase a solution – they merely want to resolve a business problem. The last thing they consider is purchasing an external fix and will do all they can to avoid the money, time, resource expenditure.

Next, regardless of the type of solution or cost, buyers have an idiosyncratic, private, and confusing process of decision making that includes assembling the right folks for buy-in/consensus, considering all potential options, and discerning the change they face when adopting something new. Obviously they must first try to fix their problem with their regular vendors or discover a simple workaround. And they must hear from all who will touch the ultimate solution to ensure they understand the full complement of needs or potential fallout of any change.

Unfortunately, some folks in your pipeline either contacted you as part of their discovery process, or were very interested but couldn’t get the requisite buy-in. Rarely is a failure to buy because of your solution or their need. Your problem is that because the sales model focuses on ‘need’ rather than first facilitating choice or consensus, you naturally assume that those with an apparent need are buyers.

I developed Buying Facilitation® as an add-on to the sales model, to begin the selling/buying process by facilitating the change, choice, assembly, and discovery buyers must go through.  Using Buying Facilitation® you and your prospect will quickly discover how to assemble the right folks for buy-in and if the change your solution brings is viable – and only then engage with those who CAN/WILL buy, not just those who need you. You will increase the number of real prospects, and decrease the number who won’t buy.

Sales puts the cart before the horse and sells into need rather than first facilitating the change. Do you want to sell? Or have someone buy? I’ll help you add Buying Facilitation® to your sales, marketing, and social efforts. sharondrew@sharondrewmorgen.com orwww.buyingfacilitation.com

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