Who Are The Decision Makers?

Unfortunately, sales has led us to believe that we must get in front of The Decision Makers.

But who are they? Unfortunately, not only do we not know, but they don’t either! And this economy makes it all worse: what buyers once thought they knew are now a mystery, so they are just doing nothing. But we know that.

When our prospects begin the process of bringing in a new solution, they are not totally aware of all of the people who must be involved in a buying decision. It might seem obvious to us from outside, but we don’t live in there with them. And we don’t know the historic politics, the current initiatives, or the ongoing reorgs. Who touches theĀ Identified Problem? Who will touch it tomorrow? What fallout is left over from the last change issues? What departments are somehow linked to the Identified Problem and need to be included in a solution?

We can’t know this stuff. Even our prospects don’t know this stuff until they are smack in the middle of figuring out what they have to figure out – well after we’ve first met them. We don’t live in the company with our prospects.

But we can understand the route that decisions take before a buying decision happens (and if we understand systems, we can lead the buyer even though we can’t know the players or their relationships) And if we remain unbiased and just decision-driven rather than product-driven, we can know how to help our prospects recognize all of the decision factors BEFORE helping them with a solution and we would have proven ourselves to be real leaders. And we might even get on the Buying Decision Team. But it takes a knowledge of systems, and a change in beliefs about what our jobs are.

Stay tuned for my new book that discusses all this: “Dirty Little Secrets

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