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insightory logoLast year I got an email from a man named Avneet Jolly (Great name, right?). In it he asked if I wanted to be a contributor to his site that had articles by people with good knowledge and thought-provoking ideas, and who had a baseline thinking based on ethical values. Why, YES, thank you!

Best I can tell, Avneet and his colleagues Rupesh Kapoor and Joao Prado Maia are doing a labor of love. Not only do they find good people with good ideas, they maintain excellence throughout: from the look of the site, to the ease of use, the quality of articles, and the range of ideas. On a recent day, Insightory.com had articles entitled: ‘The Changing Way Consumers Eat’ ‘An ethical Analysis of Deception Marketing’ ‘The Psychology of Space’ and ‘The Psychology of Objects.’

Here is how they describe themselves:

Insightory.com is a platform for management professionals, academicians and graduate business students to:

  • Share their knowledge and insights with peers, clients and potential employers
  • Create an “expertise brand” for themselves and their organizations
  • Network with peers who have similar professional interests

Our goal is to create the largest and best business-knowledge community on the web. In doing so, we will create rich interaction opportunities for “providers” as well as “seekers” of knowledge.”

This is a site for thoughtful people who seek ideas and who want to learn from innovative thinkers. There is so much drivel on-line, it’s good to know there is a place to go to read consistently interesting, well-written, and thoughtful pieces by creative people.

Good work, folks.

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