What’s new in Sales: Sales cannot be same-old same-old

It’s a frustrating time for me. Several issues are getting my goat.
  1. So many people are finally speaking about the importance of helping buyers make buying decisions – and yet they are focusing only on the eventual product sale. They don’t understand that buying decisions must include the management of the entire inter-related systems issues that created and maintain the problem/need. But sales doesn’t manage that. And instead of seeking new tools to add to their current skill set, sellers are blithely continuing in the direction they are comfortable with, rather than shift gears.
  2. Conventional sales folks are coming around proclaiming they are thought leaders – and then talk about conventional sales. Please!
  3. Some folks forget that I have been training and writing books for 20+ years about helping buyers buy. Point of fact: I am the thought leader behind the buying decision process, and if folks have real interest in learning how to help buyers make buying decisions, go to my site and have a look ’round. www.newsalesparadigm.com. Plenty of articles and papers on the new thoughts. Of course if you want to learn the ‘hows’, you’ll need more help than just an article. Go to www.buyingfacilitation.com and see if there is something there that will help you learn.
Net net: if you want to add Buying Facilitation to your skill set, we can figure out how to get you the skills. But it won’t be through anything you’re used to now. Everything is changing – and you must change as well. Otherwise you’ll keep getting the same results.

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