What Is Change? (Part 1)

changesEvery decision we make, every new job we tackle, every new idea we have, involves change. What is it? Why is it so difficult?

I’ve recorded a 6 part series on change: what it is, what it does, why it’s so hard, and what we need to do differently to make it easy.


I begin with an introduction to change, and then proceed through to systems, bias, resistance, buy-in, and decision making.

Enjoy the series. I’ll publish one each week for 6 weeks. If any of you want to discuss with me the possibility of learning a new model that not only facilitates change, but enables consensus and buy-in, let me know. We can hopefully alleviate any resistance you’re getting in a current change management/implementation you’re struggling with.

Making Change Work #1: What is Change? & Why is Change so Hard?

Sales professionals take coaching with me to help them understand what their buyers are going through: why it’s taking so long, what they need to manage internally, getting the right people onto the Buying Decision Teams. Ready to start your coaching now? Let’s get started.

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