Video: Why Sales Fail


You are a good sales person. You recognize a need, know how to position your product, and relate with the buyer with great care and respect. So whats going wrong? Why do you only close less than 10% of your prospects?

Its not you, and its not your product. The sales model is broken. It only manages the product placement end of the buying decision cycle. To close more sales, first focus on leading buyers through their mysterious internal issues the people, the policies, the current vendors, the initiatives all of those things that we can never understand and certainly know nothing about, that maintain their status quo. Until or unless the elements that in any way touch an Identified Problem have bought in to any change, or bringing in a new solution, no purchasing decision will get made.

Break the sales cycle into two distinct skill sets: first, help the buyer navigate their buying environment. Once they have achieved buy-in, you can then place your product.

Video produced by CanDoGo. Sharon-Drew Morgen is one of the exclusive experts for CanDoGo, a company that delivers concise advice for sales, leadership, personal development, and motivation over the Web.

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