Unfair Practices/ATT

Just got off the phone with AT&T after calling to change my address. As soon as the rep had me on the phone, she began reading a doc I had to agree to: in order for her to help me, I’d have to agree to hear about new AT&T products.

I don’t want to listen to adds about ATT products, I said.
Then I can’t help you, said the ATT rep.
Wait a moment, I protested. Do you mean that you can’t help me unless I am willing to listen to an ad?
It’s not an ad. You didn’t listen. Let me say that again: in order for us to answer your questions, we require that we offer you data on new AT&T product and services. We are also not legally responsible, etc. etc.
So within the legal and service stuff, you through in my obligation to listen to ads about your products. I don’t want to listen to ads about your products. I need help with something very simple.
Then I can’t speak with you.
WHAT??? I want to speak with your supervisor.
At that, the woman deigned speak with me, so long as each one of her responses were one word. Yes. No. Don’t Know.
What is going on when carriers require that we listen to ads before they give us service! No wonder folks are bad mouthing AT&T!

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