Tony Parinello Is A VITO

Tony_Parinello My friend Tony is such a lovely blend of New Yorker, Buddhist, and smart, funny guy. Did I say he’s really REALLY smart?  He’s the person who coined the term VITO and wrote the series starting with Getting to VITO But he himself is a VERY IMPORTANT TOP OFFICER. To be honest, I’m a bit jealous of his ability to design very cool ways to get out very important data for folks seeking to get to the top decision makers. He is the best marketer I know – and he does it all with such charm and integrity.

For decades, Tony has led the pack when it comes to getting appointments at the top. Not only that, he makes it simple and affordable for us to all do the same.

I don’t ever pitch product (well, sometimes my own…). But Tony has a deal that can’t be beat: a $49 promotion running now that’s quite a deal:

  1. You listen (on your computer or phone) to four quick, fun and educational sessions that will teach you what you need to know & do to gain access to the ‘C’ level and make the sale.
  2. You complete a few painless, e-lessons that will cement into place whatyou’ll be learning.
  3. You ask Tony any questions you have and he’ll give you answers that have less fortunate salespeople totally stumped.

Are you hooked yet?  Tony is really one of the truly nice, honest guys in the profession. I can’t wait til he adds some decision facilitation stuff to what he’s already doing so successfully, because once you get the appointment with the right people, you still need to help them manage the hidden dynamics on their decision teams. But even if you don’t add my stuff to what he’s already doing so successfully, Tony’s stuff works.

So go straight to Tony’s site and sign up. For $49 – and a money-back guarantee, you can’t be wrong.  And tell him I said  ‘Hi’.

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