The Vendor Client Relationship

screenshot04 Jul. 03 17.55We like to think that because we offer a great product and service, and are priced fairly, that we will meet our client’s criteria to be a solution provider. But in truth, we never, ever know what their subjective, unconscious, criteria are (and nor do they until much later on in the buying decision process).

Buying Facilitation helps buyers recognize these criteria, and gives sellers the tools to maneuver buyers through all of the hidden dynamics that go on within their workplace that sellers cannot be privvy to. But sometimes, just sometimes, there are a few, um, glitches.

This video was sent to me by my friend Gil Friend who is a leader in green business and sustainability (and a long time visionary who has been holding the space for almost as many years as I have… and thank goodness for people like him or the world wouldn’t be changing) ( And, sadly, it’s a hoot. It certainly plainly describes when our customers have their own agenda, and we have no clue how to go beyond our proscribed approach to selling our product. Let’s always remember that buyers have very different buying patterns than our selling patterns.

Enjoy. And have a look at if you are ready to help buyers manage their subjective decisions with you.

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