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Lee GlicksteinWhen I got my first keynote speaking job, I had to learn how to be a professional. But all of the people I knew who were very successful speakers had a style based on content, on skills that made them act either superficially, or with behavioral quirks that made me uncomfortable.

In fact, for years and years I had avoided doing any keynotes because I didn’t want to sound ‘like them’. But the time came that I finally had no choice.

To get some tips, I went to the National Speaker’s Association conference. I found myself  in a session with this lovely man who showed up in my mind’s eye as Santa Claus because of his shining face, and playful demeanor and the light around his twinkling eyes. I felt like I was the only person in the room – that he was speaking to ME. He was playful, down to earth, not at all stylized, and indeed, the most authentic speaker I’d ever heard. He had the whole room leaning into every word.

I followed him out of the session, and Lee Glickstein became my speaking coach. He taught me how to be authentic, to be a part of the room not in front of it, to allow the audience to give me their hearts and minds so that I could give them the best of me. Lee taught me how to be myself better than I ever knew – even in front of 2,000 people.

Since working with Lee, I enjoy my keynotes – no matter if there are 20 for a sales presentation, or 2000 at a sales conference. I know I’m going to be in a unique position to play and share and impart. And be fully myself. And truly enjoy the audience.

Speaking Circles

Lee is on a spiritual journey. He is making it possible for people to have authentic conversations with each other in every situation – meetings, families, work. He makes it simple. He teaches you how to trust that people WANT you to ‘show up’ with them – and then shows you how to do it.

He has begun something called Speaking Circles that are run internationally, using Lee’s brilliant concept of Relational Brilliance. Before I make a mess of Lee’s powerful material, go to his site: Speaking Circles and see for yourself. He makes every speaker into a leader, and every audience into fans.

He’s got presenation programs, programs for speakers, and programs to get over the fear of communicating. He’s even got a free seminar every month so you can trial the material for yourself. Next one: Tuesday, August 18: 2-3 pm PST (5-6 pm EST) – Masterful Public Speaking – Free Teleclass with Lee Glickstein

Lee is the best in the business. But only if you want to be hired and loved for being yourself.

Be Heard Now! Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books and Sounds True Audiotapes),Be Heard Now! Tap into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate with Ease (Broadway Books and Sounds True Audiotapes).

Speaking Circles

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