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So – I got an apologetic response from the NEO guys (blogs are great, no?) and from one of their supports (thanks, Chris). But I think the point was missed (at least in my estimation).
It would have been nice if the man who blogged would have actually called me and gave me service (and he has forgotten that I contacted him twice – once they never responded, and then he just responded after the blog was out)!
Then, I could be writing a blog saying that he’d made sure I was properly supported. Instead, he wrote a public blog response to cover his (marketing) ass, and left if at that, asking ME to call HIM. That’s not my idea of customer service.
I bet they are really, really nice guys and have a fabulous product – as Chris has said. I would never even have tried the software at all if it weren’t for the great recommendation (Thanks, Chris. I like your ideas.). And I understand they have a small team. We all start out small.
But at what point do PEOPLE become the focus, rather than product?
Note to NEO: By now I’ve given you lots of coverage. I hope this enhances your business. Just make sure to truly support PEOPLE as you move forward. Given the reputation your software has, that’s the only missing piece you’ve got to worry about. After all, without people, having a great product doesn’t matter.
– Sharon-Drew

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