Selling In A Tough Economy

howtosellwhennooneisbuyingIn this economy, buyers aren’t buying as they once did. Of course, sales only handled only the solution half of the buying decision, but even this end is more difficult than it once was. And sellers are getting exhausted, frustrated, depressed. They are playing ‘musical chairs’ with their jobs as it’s taking longer and longer to close sales. The numbers are staggering: it’s been estimated that it now takes 50% longer to close a sale – and those of you who know my Buying Facilitation™ model know that I believe that the conventional sales model takes 3 times longer to close sales than necessary.

Enter Dave Lakhani. His new book How to Sell when Nobody’s Buying will get sellers working hard and smart. Not only does Dave break down all of the tasks that need to be done to get prospects interested, and ‘influence’  them to consider making a purchase , he does it in a systematic way. He talks about hard work, showing up, not skipping steps, and having Fearsome Focus(TM) to get the job done. In effect, he’s teaching sellers how to sell smart.

I was exhausted from just the first 20 pages of the book…. but I know that if I do what he tells me to do, my results will be obvious. Indeed, there is no way to be ‘not successful’ if you do what Dave says to do. This is a real hands on book that will almost guarantee success – so long as you really, really want to succeed, and are really, really committed to working hard for your success. No lounging around, complaining about lost or delayed sales: get on the damn phone and work! No using time for personal appointments: get out to visit your clients. The book is the Nike brand in action: Just Do It.

Many of Dave’s suggestions are found in some of the influencing strategies of NLP. And some are just hard nosed sales; I really can’t wait to sit down with him and add some decision facilitation strategies to what he’s already doing so well. But until then, if you’re willing to work hard, and if you’re committed to success, take a look at Dave’s book. And buckle down.

Personal Branding Interview: Dave Lakhani

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