Selling in a Bad Economy / 1/2 Day Global Tour

Hi Everyone:

Sharon-Drew Morgen here. As a kickoff to my new book that gives sellers tools to help buyers make business decisions in this uncertain economy – HOW MANY HANDS ON THE ELEPHANT – I’m planning a world tour. My hope is that between us, we could figure out a way to create a half-day workshop to *introduce ways to help clients or staff successfully manage this mysterious economy *help customers learn some new decision strategies *expand our business opportunities.

My book premise is this: Given the state of the economy,  buyers are having difficulty making any decisions at all:

1.  they have no benchmarks, in this sort of economy, to make decisions from;

2 .  they’ve never had to manage risk in an information vacuum;

3.  long term strategic decisions are moot now;

4.  decision teams are shifting, jobs are falling by the wayside, and neither political capital or brain capital are relevant.

My new book introduces the different types of decisions buyers now must make – not necessarily involving product or need – and gives sellers tools to shift their conversation from solution provider to be a true Decision Strategist and servant leader. See the article below as an intro to my new thinking.

My plan is to come to major cities around the world and give a ½ day workshop (Proposed title: The new seller/buyer relationship: using the economy as the instrument to help us serve our clients and engender trust.) to start the discussion around how the economy can be used as a reason to collaborate.

Hopefully, this would help you have new discussions with your clients as well , and bring in some income for us both. I’m also seeking international business partners who might have interest in running new programs  to use this material in Negotiating, Coaching, Risk Management, Decision Making, OD.

Is it worth a conversation? You’d have to help me find participants  and venue. I’m available to run a Webinar, make conference calls, and do the ‘heavy lifting’; I don’t need to get your client emails, etc.

Thanks for your consideration. My goal is to help ensure we all have business and income during this difficult time, and find ways to serve clients in a way that puts us on the client’s decision team.

I look forward to a conversation to see what’s possible. And thanks.

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