Seeking Funding? Have Investors Choose You Over The Competition.

Funding For BusinessYou’re a smart entrepreneur with a savvy team. Your widget will make millions. You started up with a few bucks your friends gave you but now you need funding. Do you know how an investor will choose to fund you over others?

The answer is you don’t know.

Instead of relying on a great presentation and hoping it will inspire investors, why not add targeted questions to the end of your presentation to make sure you both know what you should do to meet success their criteria. Do they want to be repaid within 5 years? Do they want to sell you off for $3,000,000 in two years? Do they want you to compete with the larger brands and grow virally while becoming a hot brand they can stand behind? Do they have questions around your management team – or competition? Are they fearful of your competition? The market?

Use these Facilitative Questions to exhibit how professional and determined you are:

1. How would you know before you invest that we will do whatever it takes to be successful within your time frame?

2. How would you know that our management team has the flexibility and capability to grow and change with the market over the next 3 years? To know when it’s time to bring in the appropriate folks if better management is needed?

3. What are your expectations around working together: be silent partners who just get reports? Roll up your sleeves? Would you consider offering counsel occasionally so we make sure we’re on track?

4. We want to be successful even more than you’d want us to be. What do you think is the major factor that will create our success? What do you think would stop us – and what would you need to see from us right now, today, to know we could correct this problem?

Investors want something back. It’s different with each investor of course. But you may have the criteria to easily meet some of their benchmarks and it didn’t show up in your presentation. By asking these Facilitative Questions you’ll know what to add to your discussion while you’re in the room with them and also let them know you take your job, and their money, very seriously.

Let me coach your team to facilitate buy-in during your funding period. I can design the right Facilitative Questions for your unique situation, offer the insights you might need to prepare, or help you bring the right investors into the room with you. Call or email me: 512 457 0246

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